About us

The goal of the Observatory of Indigenous Public Administrations is to develop, in a concerted collaboration with Aboriginal communities, knowledge and practices in public administration adapted to Aboriginal contexts, and thus to consolidate Aboriginal expertise at the Quebec, Canadian and international levels. Its main objective is therefore to respond in an effective and sustainable manner to the need to adapt and redefine knowledge and practices in public administration and public policy in an Aboriginal context, so that they can become levers of autonomy for Aboriginal communities and all the individuals (youth, women, elders, etc.) that make up these communities.

To this end, the Observatory’s specific objectives are to :

  1. To understand how the relationship between the Crown and Aboriginal nations can be improved with respect to the administration of communities and organizations and their role in public policy;
  2. Gather, mobilize and disseminate knowledge and information about Aboriginal public administration ;
  3. Promote and foster best practices in public policy and community management that respect Aboriginal knowledge and traditions.

The Observatory is a partnership in Aboriginal research. It aims to be a crossroads of expertise that integrates traditional Aboriginal, experiential and scientific knowledge by combining dialogue and co-production of knowledge, with the goal of transforming and empowering Aboriginal public administrations and the communities they serve.

Research Areas

Three research axes structure the Observatory’s work and knowledge mobilization activities.

Aboriginal public policies

Management in an Aboriginal context

Innovative practices related to Aboriginal public administration in Quebec, Canada and internationally