Feb 17

Savard, Jean-François, Mathieu Landriault, Isabelle Caron et Christian Rock (2020), « Federal Election Candidates’ Interest in Indigenous Issues », in Elizabeth Dubois et Taylor Owen, Understanding the Digital Ecosystem Findings from the 2019 Federal Election, Digital Ecosystem Research Challenge, pp. 86-89.

We wanted to know how the candidates from the five political parties with representation in the House of Commons at the time of the dissolution of the 41st Parliament used their Twitter accounts to address Indigenous issues during the federal election. The goal was to determine who was posting messages on Indigenous issues and which topics were addressed in these communications.

A second goal aimed at highlighting the characteristics associated with each candidate tackling Indigenous issues to a greater or lesser extent. The candidates’ gender and party affiliation, the nature of their riding, the communications strategies of Indigenous groups, and the influence of the party leaders’ national campaigns were all variables taken into account to explain the variation in the number and type of messages.

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